In these Terms and Conditions, the term ‘Exhibitor’ means any person, firm or company who has made an application for and who has been granted stand space at the exhibition.  The term ‘Exhibition’ means the event detailed on the Booking Form.  The term ‘Organiser’ means White Sky Events Ltd t/a The Kent Wellness Festival.


It is thoroughly recommended that the Exhibitor contacts the Organiser’s office prior to submitting any booking form or payment to ensure that there is availability for the event.  White Sky Events Ltd operates a strict policy of capping trade types for each event to ensure optimum return on investment for our Exhibitors.  If payment is made without checking availability, the Organiser will try to accommodate the Exhibitor at another event, however this cannot be guaranteed.  Should there not be a suitable event to transfer the Exhibitor to, then clause 5 of these Terms and Conditions will apply.


Booking of exhibition stands can be made online via our website.  Once an invoice is issued to you then your booking is confirmed.  50% deposit is required at the time of booking, with the balance due no later than 1st April 2022.  Bookings made after this time require a full balance payment.  The Organiser cannot reserve spaces without a deposit payment &/or booking form.  Payments can be made by debit card or BACS.  We do not accept cheques or Paypal payments.  The Organiser reserve the right to cancel a booking and give a refund if necessary.  Submission of a booking form legally binds the Exhibitor to booking at the event and subsequent payments and cancellations terms, as detailed in clause 4 and 5 is applicable.


Invoices must be paid in full and in the time-frame stipulated or as detailed on the invoice, unless otherwise agreed with the Organiser.  Receipts will be issued following balance payment of all invoices.  Payment plans may be available which is at the discretion of the Organisers.  If a payment plan is not adhered to, your booking may be cancelled and Clause 5 of these Terms and Conditions will apply.  The Organiser shall be under no obligation to reimburse or refund any payments already made.  Once an invoice has been issued, the Exhibitor will remain fully liable for any amount outstanding on the booking.  It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to make the Organisers aware if paperwork in regards to the booking has not been received.  Non delivery of paperwork does not substantiate the cancellation of a booking following submission of a booking form.


If the Exhibitor wishes to cancel the stand space or advertising booking after acceptance by the Organiser, they must give at least three month’s written notice prior to the event.  If sufficient notice is given, the balance of the invoice may be cancelled, however deposits are non-refundable.  If the Exhibitor gives less that three month’s written notice, the full balance of the booking will be payable by the Exhibitor.  If the Exhibitor fails to make payment under these circumstances, the invoice may be passed onto a 3rd part debt recovery agency.  If the Exhibitor fails to meet any of the payment obligations detailed on the Booking Form and/or invoice, and/or these Terms and Conditions, or under any payment plan agreed, then the full balance of the invoice will be due  within 7 days, and the above cancellations terms and condition will apply to the booking.

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the booking if:

  • The Exhibitor is in any breach of contract as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions
  • The Exhibitor ceases or threatens to cease their business operations
  • The Exhibitor is obstructive to the booking process or potentially damaging to the event
  • The product or services stipulated in the booking form is not suitable for the event
  • Any circumstances whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of the Organiser including by not limited to, through no fault of the Organiser, the cancellation of the event and force majeure

Deposits are non refundable.  Refunds are not issued as standard, but may be issued by the Organiser on a case by case basis.  Should this option not be suitable or available in accordance with the Organiser’s wishes, cancellations terms in Clause 5 will apply.


If an Exhibitor being an individual or business becomes bankrupt, is issued with a receiving order or makes a creditors arrangement, or in the case of a limited company goes into liquidation or has a receiver appointed, the contract with the Exhibitor shall be terminated and the cancellation terms detailed shall be applied.


The Exhibitor must not assign, share, sub-let nor grant licences in respect of the whole or any part of the stand space allocated to them without the prior permission of the Organiser.  Exhibitors are not allowed to promote events by any other venue or organisers or any other event that will create conflict of interest for the event that they are attending.  Exhibitors are not allowed to promote any other business or service by leaflets distribution, business card or recommendation or promote any other services that their business or associate may offer that is not within the trade type whereby their stand has been booked.  Companies know to be promoting such businesses or services will be asked to desist and may be asked to leave the event without refund and may be prohibited from attending future events.


The Organiser shall have sole discretion as to organising and promoting the Exhibition in such manner as considered appropriate and reserves the right to amend or vary the manner or methods of such organisation and promotion without explanation or liability.  Any statements made by or on behalf of the Organiser as to attendance projections or methods or timing of promotional activities and constitute only general indications of the Organisers promotion and organising strategy, and shall not amount to any representation or warranty.  The Organiser will distribute marketing materials to Exhibitors via email and social media and/or via post.  Exhibitors are required to share these marketing materials via their websites, social media platforms and any other methods as requested by the Organiser.


Upon receipt of the contractual Booking Form and payment from the Exhibitor, the Organiser will confirm the allocation of the exhibition space by the issuing of a receipt.  The Organiser reserves the right to accept or refuse any application without assigning any reason.  Stand space will be allocated by the Organisers wherever possible in accordance with the Exhibitor’s preferences, however consideration will be given for the requirement of the product or service being exhibited.


Should it be necessary for the Organisers to revise the layout of the Exhibition floor plan for any reason, the Organiser reserves the right to transfer the Exhibitor to an alternative suitable stand space within the Exhibition without recourse to compensation, unless the stand space is reduced in size in which case the cost of the stand space shall be reduced accordingly and refunded to the exhibitor if applicable.


When an Exhibitor wishes to reduce the size of the stand space booking after acceptance by the Organiser, then written notice must be received sent at least one month prior to the event.  The Organiser reserves the right to apply the cancellation policy detailed in Clause 5 should suitable notice not be given by the Exhibitor.  The Organiser may resell or reallocate the stand space but shall be under no obligation to reimburse any part of the cancellation charge.  The Organiser shall not be obliged to accept the Exhibitor’s notice of reduction.


Should the Exhibitor fail to set up on the required day or fail to attend the event on either show days or the space booked is not occupied 30 minutes prior to the event being open to the public, the Organiser reserves the right to use the space as they see fit on the day.  No refund, transfer or discount for any other event will be given.


The Exhibitor must adhere to the set-up and break -down times stipulated in the exhibitor set up email. Stands must be fully dressed and ready for the public at least 15 minutes before opening time.  If Exhibitors are running late or have issues on the morning of the event or during set up    period, it is their responsibility to contact the Organiser as soon as they are able.  Exhibitors must adhere to the stand size that they have booked.  On the day of the event, should the Organisers feel that you stand, marketing materials or additional items that you bring to the event exceed your pitch size, you may be asked to either remove items or pay for a suitable upgrade of space, if this is available on the day.  Exhibitors may not encroach on another Exhibitor’s exhibition space and must stick within the parameters of the space that they have booked at all times.  Additional space during set up or on the day of the event cannot be guaranteed.  Dismantling may not commence before the close of any event unless verbal confirmation is given by the Organiser at the time of the event, or by arrangement prior to the event.  In the event that the Exhibitor fails to remove all their property, furniture and waste material from the event venue by the end of the contracted break-down time, these items will be removed and the Exhibitor will be solely liable for all costs incurred in such removal, storage and/or disposal.  Neither the Organiser, the venue nor any of the show contractors will be liable for any damage to such property or any loss incurred by the Exhibitor in these circumstances.


Children under the age of 16 are not allowed at any event unless prior permission has been granted by the Organiser.  A maximum of 2 people per stand for standard sized pitches and 3 per stand for large pitches is allowed only for each exhibition stand.  Additional staff or helpers are not allowed unless agreed with the Organiser prior to the event and may be asked to leave the event if such permission has not been granted.


All free standing exhibition stands and signs must be properly anchored or fixed so as to avoid   danger to any person or persons visiting or taking part in the event.  The Organisers shall be indemnified by the Exhibitor against any claim or action on account of any inquiry or damage being caused, or occasional by nay exhibit to any persons whatsoever.  Exhibitors erecting interior displays must ensure all work conforms to the requirements of the Organiser or other appropriate authorities and is executed within the terms of the Health and Safety at Work Act.  Any helium cylinders must be removed from the public area and stored safely once any balloons have been inflated.  Any escaped balloons must be retrieved at the end of the day.  No items or persons may encroach on any gangways or the stand space of another exhibitor.


The Exhibitor must not display or distribute any advertising or merchandise in addition to or in place of those detailed on the Booking Form, without the prior written permission of the Organiser.  Advertising literature or other products not relating to the Exhibitor’s business must not be displayed or distributed from either the stand space or anywhere else within the Exhibition venue.


Exhibitors can only promote and display their own business product and service being that which is detailed on the booking form as ‘Product/Service’ provided.  When offering more than one service it is imperative that all services are agreed with the Organiser and the appropriate agreement to   promote such services is agreed in advance.  This generally requires booking a larger space and is subject to availability within those categories, so long as there is availability at the event within that trade type.  Peripheral products or services can only be promoted within the express permission of the Organisers. Organisers reserve the right to remove items from display not included in the original booking form application.


The Exhibitor may distribute advertising and print materials from their own stand but must not    distribute such materials in entrances or any other location that is not their designated stand. Distributing materials or approaching attendees of the event in entrance ways, around the event or in any other location apart from their designated stand is strictly prohibited.


Exhibitors are requested that all stand materials are high quality and professionally printed.  Items may be asked to be removed if they do not fit into this standard.


The Exhibitor is responsible for all personal and business items throughout the course of the event and the Organiser is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items.  Additional storage areas are not provided so any items that do not fit inside the exhibition space must be removed and place elsewhere (e.g placed in Exhibitor’s vehicle).  Any property left at the venue will be disposed of.


Exhibitors may not bring any alcoholic goods for own or public consumption into the venue without prior consent from the Organisers.  Businesses that wish to distribute food samples must hold a valid Health and Hygiene certificate with documents available for inspection if required at each event and gain written permission from the Organiser prior to the event.


The Organisers cannot provide any electrical facilities on the day of the event unless requested on the booking form.  Exhibitors requiring electric must supply their own extension leads; these and other electrical equipment used on the stand must be PAT tested and applicable hazard taping must be provided to cover loose cables.


Exhibitors must adhere to all fire and safety regulations which affect the event.  Aisle and fire exits must be kept clear.  No candles or naked flames are allowed at any event unless prior permission have been granted by the Organiser.


The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to any person to the event without assigning any reason.


All Exhibitors are required to take out appropriate Public Liability Insurance and produce a copy of such insurance policy if required to do so by the Organiser.


Every Exhibitor excepts liability for all goods, services and products promoted at the event.  If a customer is dissatisfied with an Exhibitor for any reason, this is this sole liability of the Exhibitor.  The Organiser will not be liable if marketing materials not be included within the events marketing programme, should the Exhibitor fail to provide required information within the stipulated time frame.  Exhibitors are liable for all personal and company property and should this property be unattended, this is at the Exhibitor’s own risk.


The Exhibitor is fully responsibility for proactively promoting their business at the event to potential customers and the Organiser is not liable for and cannot guarantee business from your attendance at any event.


The Organiser reserve the right to stop any activity that may be causing disturbance, annoyance or offence to any other Exhibitor or attendee of the event.


White Sky Events Ltd is committed to comply with GDPR and Data Protection rules and regulations.  Our full Data Policy can be viewed via our website www.whiteskyevents.co.uk.


The Organise reserves the right to alter, amend or change any aspect of these Terms and  Conditions.  Should any questions arise, whether the subject has been covered in these Terms and Conditions or not, the Organiser’s decision is final.